Joost it is…

When the founders of two of the most popular P2P sites, Kazaa and Skype, decided to start their new venture, they called it Joost. If Kazaa symbolizes P2P sharing, then Skype revolutionized VoIP. Will Joost (pronounced ‘juiced’) do the same for video sharing? Is this the YouTube mania affecting two of the most successful enterpreneurs of our times? I doubt it. Joost is an attempt by Skype founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, to get a foothold into the lucrative video-sharing market by providing “cheap and efficient high quality video” online.

I personally think that “online television” is a new revolution in Web 2.0 world. Its not just watching recording of your favourite shows online but it is real-time distribution of shows when you want it, where you want it, how you want it. Let me explain the last line in detail. Suppose you are out on an important meeting and miss first half of a football game. You come home and instead of watching it from second half, order the football match on your Internet-enabled TV, and start watching the match from the beginning like you never missed it – that’s ‘when you want it’. Now, you were working in Boston but have to catch a flight to Seattle. You don’t wait till you reach home but order your football match on your PDA while waiting for your flight – that’s ‘where you want it’. You board your plane and it is not allowed to use your PDA while on board but you can use your iPod, so you order the rest of the football match as a podcast on your iPod – that’s ‘how you want it’.

Although, the above mentioned synchronized technology is not available yet but these are the intentions of sites like, YouTube, iTunes and Joost, to provide you sometime soon. The market seem big enough for companies like Google to plunge into it. The advertising revenue from such personalized on-the-go TV is lucrative for any marketing guru.

The question is, “Are you ready to get Joost yet?”


17 Responses to “Joost it is…”

  1. faith Says:


    are you experimenting with different hosts… rediff.. blogger n now wordpress.. 😛

  2. chandu Says:

    goodness! i cud hardly get time to maintain one blog.. u r running a phot. a tech & personal! gosh!okays will read the post later.. time to go it’s 6-00 almost!

  3. Juneli Says:

    You too in WP 🙂

    Good good. 😀

    Welcome in WP 😀

  4. Reema Says:

    im here, n i have no clue wat ur talkin abt.. but ill still drop by now n then 😀

  5. Colors Says:

    Hey…congrats on your techie blog. Being a techie guy, this does complement you and complete your blog tri-series 🙂
    I had read about Joost when it was announced last week. Its always interesting to read about new technologies coming up and to see how they do in the market. What with loads of people out there who are always on the run, this might just work!
    The closest that I have come to the “when you want” technology (apart from podcasts) is the cable DVR. Pretty cool to be able to pause, rewind and forward live TV. For now, I’ll just watch the space and see how it does.

  6. Nupur Says:

    Very interesting! I didnt event know about Joost. The name reminded me of “Boost” a fresh juice bar chain here in Oz also by an entrepenaur Mum who’s a millianare now!
    The ‘when – where -how’ was very intriguing indeed…. and it also brings to mind the iPhone whats the fuss article you had forwarded a while ago. Its amazing to see how ‘personlized’ technology is growing by leaps and bounds…. there is definately no stopping, whether slow ones *like me who dont even have their own ipod yet!* are able to catchup or not.

    look forward to more interesting stuff here….

  7. Preeti Bhandari Says:

    Just peeped in to mark my entry, will read it sometime later today

  8. BhandariSachin Says:

    Ricky Babu , good going …

  9. marlee Says:

    Yes, me ready to get Joost? (just need some help monetarily :-p)
    Im a Luddite when its comes to techonology. Hoping that ur blog will enlighten me!

  10. Vaibhav Says:

    nice article buddy. quite informative for me. have been really cut off fom online duniya for past months!!

  11. sonali Says:

    First of all thanks for starting this blog. more so,since i can bug u personally for each n every thing i dun understand.
    now is there an online tv available yet? if yes do pass me the link or whteva.

    umm.. high technologies are fine but then it depends how effective they prove in being used by the majority of users..
    i guess the gprs system in cell phones cudnt be that successful in india because of the huge diff in speed/size which is quite diff frm the original net access media.

    m right?

  12. sonali Says:

    had found kinda online tv long bak

    but isnt all that good 😦

  13. Juneli Says:

    Interesting one. I firth thought you are talking about some orkut type of community something similar sound “joost”. 🙂

    Of course I’m ready to use but before to use it I’ve to prepare myself I mean my computers and machines and other related matters should be compatible for the new technology 😛

  14. Preeti Bhandari Says:

    nice informative article 🙂 thanks for increasing my knowledge

  15. Mehak Says:

    Heylo….am here !!!

    Well I am ready to get Joost…I need a PDA first 🙂

  16. you Says:

    Greetings from Carolina! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to check out your blog on my iphone during lunch break. I love the info you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.

    I’m surprised at how quick your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI,
    just 3G .. Anyways, superb blog!

  17. whatsapp for pc Says:

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    with after that you can write or else it is complex to write.

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