“Yahoo!! Pipes” are here…

Yahoo has taken the lead into the technology that can transform the web-world as we see it. This can be a start of a true Web 2.0, where users can not only interact with web-services but create them without coding. This can lead to much more creative user generated content because creative people with little or no programming skills can use the work done by other programmers to create their own services. Also, it is a cool collaborative tool for people from around the world to provide innovative content on the web.

What can the tool do for me? It will let you create your own user-content which can then be used by other people to create theirs. So, you take a data feed such as result of a web search or RSS feed of a blog or tagged photos on Flickr to create your own data feed.  These user-created content will be available through RSS or data feeds for other people to use.

Yahoo Pipes is a web-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment, which is very rich and powerful to make your user-contents with relative ease and speed. Once you create your own feed, you can share with people and let them use yours to create theirs. It is very new and people are still figuring it out and playing with beta version to see how they can use this tool to create rich content.

I created my own first pipe, a job search tool (as that’s what is on my mind these days). It took me less than 10 minutes to build it and I had listings of 100 jobs for software engineers in a flash. This is an awesome tool. Do try it, maybe you want to search some pictures on Flickr or RSS feeds that interest you or maybe build your own map-search tool. Put your creative hats on and go crazy (not that crazy)

My Job Search IDE

The results of my search for jobs in Seattle

The beta version was launched this month and is available to fiddle around. It can be found at this link. The co-creator of pipes is a guy by the name of Pasha Sadri. You can visit his blog for latest information.

Threadless: On another note, if you are looking for some Web 2.0 based cool geeky t-shirts, goto threadless, buy the shirt, click the picture, send the picture back to the website people and see it on the website. Now, that’s what I am talking about 😉


6 Responses to ““Yahoo!! Pipes” are here…”

  1. Mehak Says:

    Hey Jasjit, thanks for sharing this kewl info !!! I just checked Yahoo!! Pipes…really liked the interface…played around…& created a sample pipe…But, did not save it.

  2. Colors Says:

    Ah yes..Yahoo Pipes. I had read about it when it got launched, but before I could check it out, they had to shut down due to the heavy response! After that I never got a chance to look at it and it was soon pushed back in my mind. Thanks for reminding me! I am quite intrigued by the vast possibilities it offers. Cool! I’ll get back to you once I’ve “mashed up” a bit!

  3. Preeti Bhandari Says:

    I was here will chk later

  4. Preeti Bhandari Says:

    it’s really cool

  5. Vaibhav Says:

    hey bro.! that sounds kewl!!
    btw ye jasjit kaun hai??????

  6. Marlee Says:

    Ricky all this went over my head…u’ll have to explain it to me all over again…have saved the Pipes site, will check it out afta my exams. but im intrigued!

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